School Notes

The Notes and Forms page allows parents to download copies of notes, forms and permission slips sent home with the students, for upcoming events or with important information.

If you require a note that is not shown on this page please don't hesitate to contact the school office.
  A1 Form Application for Leave Travel

Parents should complete this form where your child will require leave from school for 5 or more days.

  A2 Form Application for Exemption from Attendance at School

Parents should complete this form for students who wish to participate in an accredited Elite Sports Program/Elite Arts Program/Employment in the Entertainment Industry or if there are exceptional circumstances related to taking leave.

  Change in Contact Details

If you have changed your contact details, including email address, please complete this form and return to the school office.

  Classroom Volunteers Handbook

This handbook has been updated as at June 2018 and we are currently seeking feedback from our parents. A separate alert/email will be sent to parents with the link to the feedback form.

  Temporary Medication to be taken at school

Complete this form if your child will need to take medication at school on a temporary basis. Please contact the school office on 9865 1600 if your child has an ongoing medical condition.

  Amended Bus Timetable 20 August 2018

Download the School Bus Timetable which is current from 20 August 2018.

  Canteen Menu 2018 Summer

Mel's Tasty Bites operate the school canteen.

  Summer Canteen Menu 2018 2019

This is our Summer Canteen Menu for 2018-2019

  2019 Mathematic Assessment Interviews - Years 1-6

Information on booking Years 1-6 Mathematic Interviews taking place on Tuesday 29 January and Wednesday 30 January 2018.

  Student Absences

If your child is sick for more than one day, please call the school office. On your child's first day back at school, send a signed note listing the day/days absent and reason. If you are taking your child out of school for travel / holiday or to participate in elite sporting events or the entertainment industry please read the information sheet.

  Uniform ordering form

Uniform ordering form. You can order via the QKR App OR download this form and email it to

  Uniform Ordering QKR APP Guide

You can order the uniform via the QKR App Guide. Click on the link for the instructions.

  Kindergarten Requirement List 2018

Kindergarten requirement list for 2018.